Introducing the new representative at the Inter-American Development Bank: Jesse Willem d’Anjou

On September 12, Jesse Willem d’Anjou started as Counselor at the Board of the Inter-d' Anjou Jesse Willem JESSED@IADB.ORGAmerican Development Bank, having previously held the position of senior policy officer at the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs since February 2019. 

“My surf explorations in many parts of the world after finishing secondary school opened my eyes with regards to the unequal distribution of assets and opportunities, among people as well as countries. Reorienting (global) financial flows only marginally or structuring them differently, public and private, can have massive effects in this respect. This is what I have passionately focused on throughout my career in the private, academic and public sector. Development finance can play a critical role for many of the current global challenges we face, climate change, but also rising inequalities, migration, food security and even wars. However, only if organized effectively and in partnership with others, all stakeholders in their own role whereby everybody gains.”     

Founded in 1959, the IDB is the largest regional development bank and the main source of multilateral financing in Latin America & the Caribbean (LAC). In 2021 the IDB Group approved loans, guarantees and grants for a record level of USD 23.4 billion to promote sustainable economic development and expand opportunities for the poor. The IDB has 48 country members – 26 borrowing member LAC countries, and 22 nonborrowing members (US, Canada, and 20 nonregional countries, including The Netherlands). NL is part of a constituency within the IDB headed alternately by Germany and Italy, consisting also of Israel, Switzerland, Belgium and China. The Constituency has 5% voting power and LAC borrowing member countries have slightly more than 50% of the voting power on the bank’s board.

Through my previous positions in the public and private sector, I have been able to learn a lot about what works when and how in the development finance sector, for a wide variety of stakeholders in a wide variety of contexts. I have been using these lessons at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in my role to advance the use of innovative finance at the ministry together with our partners, among which FMO and ILX. I greatly enjoy exploring and implementing new, more effective and efficient ways of financing and cooperation with a wide variety of stakeholders. Development banks can be a great enabler, and impact broker, and I will do my best to maximize this impact in a green, sustainable way for the people in need and demand of the Latin America and the Caribbean region here at the IADB.      

I am pleased that I can continue to build on a record of solid achievement by my predecessor Bjorn Kuil. There is no doubt that the coming years will be challenging, given the worsening global economic outlook. Challenging to keep our focus on the current crises we face, but also new ones that surface (e.g. climate, inflation, debt, food security). This will require rapid and appropriate response in global cooperation, but also looking at how we can allocate our financing more effectively and efficiently and how we can do more. Crises can be a window of opportunity for innovation and increased cooperation, my focus here in my new role at the IADB.

The opportunity to introduce myself is very much appreciated.  I want to encourage the private financial sector, corporations, knowledge institutions, civil society and many others to reach out to the IDB and its members to explore new opportunities for cooperation so that Latin America and the Caribbean becomes the land of opportunities and progress of which we all dream. I am happy to facilitate the process in the years to come!

By: Jesse d’Anjou, Counselor at the Inter-American Development Bank.

Jesse d’Anjou has been appointed as Dutch representative at the Board of Directors of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) in September 2022, having previously held the position of senior policy advisor at the Directorate-General for International Cooperation (DGIS) at the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs since February 2019. Jesse holds multiple master diploma’s, among which in International Relations and International Organization (RijksUniversiteit Groningen, MA) and International Development studies (Wageningen University and Research, MSc) and is currently finishing his PhD in Development Economics (L’Université libre de Bruxelles). In his spare time, he enjoys mountainbiking, skateboarding, kickboxing, hiking and reading.