Did you know? (2)

A couple of weeks ago we posted a ‘did you know’ article to recap information we have shared on this blog. We think it’s time to do another one, so here is ‘did you know – part 2’.

  • … the MIGA is one of the five pillars of the World Bank Group? The MIGA provides investment insurance against non-commercial risks.
  • … this blog regularly posts tender opportunities which could be interesting to Dutch companies? In the past few months several World Bank projects in the health, agriculture, water and energy sector have been brought to the attention of our readers!
  • … that in Fiscal Year 2014, measured by budget, the IFC was the largest pillar of the World Bank Group, financing projects for over $22 billion?
  • … that every year the World Bank Group and the IMF organize their Spring Meetings together? From April 17th to 19th, 2015 this event took place here in Washington, DC.
  • …..this year the Annual Meetings will be held in Lima Peru from October 9 – 11, 2015.

Again, just some facts for you to keep in mind when you read about the World Bank and especially when you want to do business with the World Bank Group!

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