eC2: Uganda Support to Implementation of the PIMS Reform Road Map Development of the Integrated Bank of Projects(IBP)

Deadline: 13-Nov-2017 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.)

UgandaObjective:  The primary objective of this consultancy is to support government of Uganda to design, develop and implement an Integrated Bank of Projects (IBP) to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of Governments Public Investment Management System. Specifically, the IBP will be expected to have the capacity to achieve the following: 1. Automation of the business processes underlying; 2. Provision of real time information on all public investment projects at various stages within the project cycle covering both Traditional Public Sector and PPP projects; 3. Generation of both standard and user specified reports on the public investment project portfolio 4. Facilitate access by the public and other oversight agencies to information on Public Investment Projects 5. Facilitation of a seamless interface with existing information systems within the Public Financial management cycle including; the IFMS, DAMFAS, AMP, PBS and e-procurement. 6. Map and locate all projects (ongoing and completed) in the country and provide their implementation status at any point in time and for any given period

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