Handbook Doing Business with the World Bank Group and fact sheets

The Netherlands embassy in Washington, D.C. published the handbook, “Zakendoen met de Wereldbank Groep” to provide interested Dutch companies and organizations a basichandleiding introduction to the World Bank Group. We have updated the handbook with new information on the current procurement framework. Besides the handbook we also created fact sheets which include information on project cycles as well as Bank jargon which will be good to know when working with the World Bank Group.

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World Bank Factsheets

When working with the World Bank you will come across a lot of jargon and abbreviations, and you will see lots of different types of documents. It may also be difficult to understand the relationship of the Dutch government with the World Bank – a relationship that may just give you an edge in a tender.

Orange weaponTo help you in this, we have introduced the World Bank fact sheets. These one page documents will be a quick read and will give you a clear idea of how World Bank projects are organized.

We created three fact sheets:

  • The “WB Factsheet” explains what we do, how much money is contributed to the World Bank per division and gives a quick insight into the project cycle.
  • The fact sheet “Project Cycle” expands on and describes the different stages of the project. This document will give you an understanding of the different steps in the project process.
  • The fact sheet “Project Documents” provides you with the full name of the many abbreviations that you will come across, as well as a description of the document and its importance.

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