World Bank Group Is Leading the Effort on Methane Emissions Reduction with Impactful Projects and Initiatives

Given the short-term potency of methane, cost-effective interventions to reduce landfill-1methane emissions should be an immediate priority for the sectors with the largest emissions. The agriculture, energy, sanitation and waste sectors are collectively responsible for 90-95% of global anthropogenic sources of methane:

  • Agriculture accounts for ~41% of methane emissions from human activity, including from rice cultivation and agriculture waste burning, manure management, and gas from cows and sheep;
  • Energy accounts for ~35%, including from oil and gas extraction, pumping, transport and coal mining;
  • Sanitation and waste account for ~20%, including from landfills and wastewater treatment.

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Is a Global Recession Imminent?

Since the beginning of the year, a rapid deterioration of growth prospects coupled with rising Global-Recession-cover-285-220-2inflation and tightening financing conditions, has ignited a debate about the possibility of a global recession—a contraction in global per capita GDP. Drawing on insights gained from previous global recessions, this study presents a systematic analysis of the recent evolution of economic activity and policies, and a model-based assessment of possible near-term macroeconomic outcomes.