eC2: Social Inclusion and Youth Development Survey

Deadline:  25-Jul-2018 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.)Survey

The services include implementation of surveys that will include modules on: household characteristics; access to and perceptions of local infrastructure; access to and perceptions of education; social networks, social capital, and collective action and associations; local governance; the daily activities and interactions among youth; use of IT and social media; gender; and violent extremism. The survey must be implemented using CAPI system and will cover approximately 5,000 households. The sample will be distributed nationally in Tajikistan using a standard 2-stage approach wherein stratification ensures sufficient sample distribution by region and rural/urban areas. The team plans to oversample respondents in some districts and towns.

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Deadline: 18-Sep-2017 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.) Survey

The external firm is to conduct the following:

Step 1: Brief desk review of existing project documents and external documents that are identified as relevant. The end result of this will lead to the inception report which provides a detailed plan for completion of the assignment

Step 2: Hiring and training of enumerators with IFC Staff and DSCL Staff invited to attend (attendance will be at the discretion of IFC and DSCL)

Step 3: Finalization of questionnaire: review and translation as well as pilot testing of questionnaire which can be done as part of enumerator training

Step 4: Data collection in the field which will include capturing of GPS data points through tablet (CAPI) technology (GPS data points need to be taken at the respondents home or farm.)

Step 5: Code and clean data set prior to transmission to IFC

Step 6: Allow time (7 business days) for IFC to conduct quantitative analysis.

Step 7: Synthesize the analysis completed by IFC into a report for the client
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