eC2: Stock-Taking of Health and Education Facilities Energy Needs and Design of Solar-Powered Service Solutions in Burundi

Deadline: 26-Jun-2019 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.)

Burundi has over 900 health centers and more than 1,400 secondary and vocational maxresdefaultschools, out of which the majority is not electrified. The World Bank seeks to hire the services of a firm to i) take stock of the electrification status and overall energy use of Health and Education Facilities in Burundi and ii) to design standardized solar-powered service packages to meet their current and future needs. The assignment should assess a representative share of those unelectrified facilities. A particular emphasis will be put on ways to ensure maintenance and operation of the systems, as one of the big challenges for long-term project success.

The assignment, financed by ESMAP, is structured and will be contracted out in Phases, subject to funding availability. Within the first contract, the Consultant shall undertake Phase 1 and selected activities under Phase 2, resulting in a pre-feasibility study and solar system placement assessment for a subset of prioritized sites. The Consultant will be selected based on its proposal to meet the requirements described for the entire assignment, outlined below:

Phase 1: Site Verification and Proposed Site Prioritization
1.1 Site Assessment
1.2 Site Prioritization
Phase 2: Data Collection for Design of Solar-Powered Service Solutions
2.1 Beneficiary and Prospective Load Assessment
2.2 Financial Assessment
2.3 Solar System Placement Assessment
Phase 3: Solar-Powered Service-Package Design and Mapping
3.1 Service Package Design
3.2 Service Package Mapping
Phase 4: Development of a Procurement Strategy
4.1 Conceptualization
4.2 Market sounding
4.3 Development of Tender Documents model

The outcomes and learnings from this assignment will further inform the Burundi Access to Sustainable Energy Project that is currently being designed by a World Bank team and will electrify a significant number of public facilities.

As results and more information become available from Government, the World Bank and other stakeholders, tasks under this assignment might have to be revisited and adjusted accordingly, as necessary. Therefore, a strong need for flexibility is sought under this assignment. Close collaboration between all stakeholders and across relevant sectors is imperative for the success of this assignment.

See full tender here: Stock-Taking of Health and Education Facilities Energy Needs and Design of Solar-Powered Service Solutions in Burundi

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  • BI – Burundi