eC2: Technical assistance to Sierra Leone on infectious disease outbreak investigation and rapid response

Deadline: 30-Mar-2018 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.) medical-appointment-doctor-healthcare-clinic-health-hospital-medicine[7]

Objective:  The assignment is to provide TA to improve the capacity in Sierra Leone for rapid response to infectious disease outbreaks at district and national levels by developing, equip and training district and national rapid response teams, specifically to:

1. Facilitate update and development of national SOPs for outbreak investigation and response to three types of infectious disease outbreaks

2. Critically review the needs of essential medical and non-medical equipment and supplies for the three infectious disease outbreak responses respectively. Quantity and quality of all supplies need to be specified.

3. Confirm/update the composition of core teams for responding to three infectious disease outbreaks and define the role and responsibilities of each team member accordingly

4. Undertake capacity building activities for 5 district RRTs on infectious outbreak response

5. Summarize all the activities that have been undertaken.

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Tender notification:  # 1251382

Assignment Countries:

  • SL – Sierra Leone