eC2: Monitoring, Evaluation, and Implementation Support of Education Programs

Deadline: 02-Feb-2017 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.)index

To reach these objectives, the firm will be expected to carry out the following activities
(a) Process monitoring/evaluation of the programs, including assessing which procedures proved difficult/problematic and why and making practical and concrete recommendations on how to improve the programs;
(b) Spot-checks to give external validation on the monitoring and reporting data;
(c)In-depth and tailored investigation to delve issues identified through preceding monitoring activities, just-in-time evaluation and technical support to respond to emerging issues/demands, and operational research/feasibility study to delve how the programs can be further improved;
(d)Technical support/assistance to the implementers (MoE at different levels) of the programs including with the aim of building their capacity for M&E.

See full tender here: monitoring-evaluation-and-implementation-support-of-education-programs-in-myanmar

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Assignment Countries:

  • MM – Myanmar