eC2: Wastewater Treatment Plant Survey Study for Fisheries Cluster

Deadline: 07-Dec-2016 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.)
The Trade & Competitiveness Global Practice, which is a joint practice between the World waterBank and International Finance Corporation (IFC), is assisting the Nouadhibou Free Zone (Mauritania) to ramp up the competitiveness of their fisheries cluster and to reduce the barriers to foreign direct investment. The deficiency in waste water treatment appears to be one of the critical infrastructure gap to be filled to switch to a more sustainable fish processing implementation.

The overall objective of this assignment is to prepare a survey the Nouadhibou Free Zone (NFZ), the beneficiary for the construction and operation of a wastewater treatment plant to treat the waste water generated from the operations of the fisheries cluster, including re-use of the treated effluent for other purposes if viable. The final deliverable, the survey report, will be used for the benefit of tendering for selection of the main Contractor to build the plant.

This assignment will include a detailed survey and will cover the points listed below:
(i) Identify fisheries cluster originated wastewater composition (physical, chemical and biological parameters),
(ii) Anticipate the wastewater flowrate, mass-loading factors and other related elements by factoring in expansion and arrival of new tenants to the cluster and
(iii) Propose the most appropriate process selection for the treatment.
(iv) Propose conceptual design alternatives including site alternatives for the WWTP tailored for the NFZ Fisheries Cluster.
(v) Conduct an affordability analysis:
a. Provide financial advice to help NFZ make suggested decisions on funding WWTP for fisheries cluster
b. Assess the affordability of NFZs wastewater services for their customers.
c. Set wastewater rate by projecting the utility’s expenses, revenues, and fund balance for the next few years to determine if the utility needs to adjust rates to achieve financial sustainability.

By the end of the contract period under this assignment, the Consulting Firm is expected to produce a comprehensive survey report for WWTP based on in-situ/estimated/built-on data, of existing post-harvest facilities, and prospective facilities in Nouadhibou Fisheries Cluster with the best available alternatives/configurations/technologies considered so as to meet the discharge standards which were set within IFC Environmental, Health, and Safety Guidelines for Fish Processing (April, 2007). The survey report should include an affordability analysis, based on the debt-to-capital ratio and/or debt service coverage, to determine the amount of resources to allocate for future capital and operational expenditures to be paid.

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  • MR – Mauritania