An Attractive Environment: The Netherlands Approach to Identifying/Screening PPP Projects

Registration Ends: November 22nd, 2016PPPs

Event Date: November 22nd, 2016, 10:00 Р11:00 EST


The Netherlands has developed its PPP selection process over the past decade, paying special attention to streamlining and publicizing the process to attract potential investors. The idea of creating an efficient and expeditious process was developed from the necessity to attract the private partners drawn to the larger PPP markets in France and the United Kingdom. This is also why the Netherlands only procures Design-Build-Finance-(Operate)-Maintain PPP projects. The Netherlands developed a small but dedicated group of civil servants, fostered by PwC, to create an enabling PPP environment. The Dutch approach to PPP selection is encompassed in three main analyses: Market Scan, Public-Private Comparator, and Public Sector Comparator.


  • Jan van Schoonhoven
  • David Baxter
  • Rob Richards



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