eC2: Comparison and Evaluation of Regulatory Systems for Mini-Grids

Deadline:  15-Aug-2016 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.)
The IEA estimates that about 40% of the worlds unelectrified population can best be solar-energysupplied with electricity through the creation of mini-grids. The projects objective is to develop and disseminate practical and timely information targeted for government officials, developers, investors and donors who wish to promote mini-grids, powered largely from renewable or hybrid generation sources, to scale-up electrification. The projects underlying goal is to provide information that will help to create connected or isolated mini-grids that are commercially sustainable.

The projects overall objective will pursued through five tasks:

  • Task 1: A Cross Country Comparison of Mini-Grid Policy and Regulatory Systems
  • Task 2: A Cross Country Comparison of Subsidy Systems for Mini-Grids
  • Task 3: A Cross Country Comparison of Power Purchase Agreements For Small Power Producers Selling to the Main Grid Operator
  • Task 4: Direct Assistance To Government Officials in Four Countries To Improve (two countries) and Develop (two countries) Regulatory/Policy and Subsidy Systems to Promote Mini-Grids
  • Task 5: Evaluation and Recommendations for Future Techniques For Disseminating Information To Government Officials on Regulatory and Subsidy Systems

See full tender here: MiniGrids A Comparison and Evaluation of Regulatory and Subsidy Systems and Power Purchase Agreements With Follow Up Operationalization

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