eConsultant2: Infrastructure Risk Assessment in Turkey

Deadline: 21-Jan-2016 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.)

The Consultancy will be responsible for carrying the High-level Critical Turkey InfraInfrastructure Risk Assessment (CIRA) for the Cukurova Region. In order to achieve this, the Consultancy will manage the consultation process with stakeholders; facilitate discussions, organize and moderate workshops; collect data and conduct analyses; and, prepare draft and final documents for approval.

In terms of risk assessment, the CIRA will consider multiple hazards and will use exposure and vulnerability data at the extent available. The CIRA will focus more on getting the larger picture and prioritizing big-ticket items rather than scientific precision of findings. The CIRA will work at different scales, connecting the regional assets and activities with their impact in other regions, across the nation and beyond national borders. In terms of risk management, the CIRA will identify viable ex-ante and ex-post options, and consider how to connect explicit risk management strategies with the planning process.

See full tender here: #1208056 CIRA in the Region of Cukurova (Turkey)

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  • TR – Turkey