eConsultant2: Development Impact Measurement of Global Seaports

Deadline: 21-Dec-2015 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.)

The consultant will develop a methodology note that summarizes the port-614543_640major impacts of seaports projects on host country economies.

The purpose of the assignment is two-fold:

A. To develop a methodology based on the
input-output (IO)/Social Accounting Matrix (SAM) approach specifically modified for the seaport sector that estimates the impact of these projects on GDP growth and jobs in the countries where the investment takes place.

B. To apply this methodology by building a practical, Excel-based tool to quantify the ex-ante GDP growth and job creation effects of seaports projects in 20 countries. These estimates will be presented to the World Bank Group Board as quantification of the expected impact gained from these seaports projects in those countries.

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