Infrastructure Financing through PPPs in the Middle East and North Africa Region

Date: October 06, 2015Infrastructure_Financing_PPPs_MENA
Time: 10:00AM EST

This webinar discusses how PPPs can be a mode for infrastructure financing, with a focus on the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Topics to be covered include:

  • Trends in the MENA region on PPPs
  • Structuring considerations on PPP projects
  • Common pitfalls on PPP projects and programs
  • What makes a successful PPP program

Moreover, two case studies on PPPs in the power and transportation sectors (Jordan and Saudi Arabia, respectively) will be examined.

Target audience

World Bank Group staff; consultants; policymakers in client countries.

Muneer A. Ferozie
Regional Manager and Head, MENA Region, PPPs and Privatization Financial Advisory, International Finance Corporation, The World Bank Group
Peter Mousley
Program Leader, Mashreq Region (Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria), The World Bank Group
Shyamala Shukla
Senior Consultant, PPP Cross-cutting Solution Area, The World Bank Group