Hebei Rural Renewable Energy Project – China

China’s economy has experienced remarkable growth over the past several decades, but this growth has been accompanied by an increase in social and environmental challenges.

Hebei, as one of China’s leading agricultural provinces, is endowed with abundant resources for agricultural biomass and has a large production of livestock. The negative environmental impacts of the intensive farming and concentrated livestock production in Hebei basically reflect the overall situation in China, with Hebei experiencing even heavier pollution as a result of rapid agricultural growth. In addition, around 40 million rural residents in Hebei largely rely on coal and wood-fuel for individual household cooking and heating. This also results in heavy indoor pollution and serious health problems.

The proposed project, which is expected to pass through the board soon, will support installation and operation of biogas facilities that use crop residues and animal wastes as the feedstock to generate biogas mainly for rural residents cooking. This would be an effective way to reduce pollution and provide clean energy in rural areas.

proposed development objective

The proposed Project Development Objective (PDO) is to demonstrate sustainable renewable energy production and utilization to reduce environmental pollution and supply clean energy in rural areas.

project components

  1. Large-scale biogas facilities management and renewable energy supply
  2. Technical support, project management, and monitoring

These two components will ensure that the biogas facilities are installed and can be operated fully.

project cost

IBRD Loans: $71.5 million
Borrower’s own funds: $79.28 million
Total: $150.78 million

Project website

Current (concept) full Project Information Document (PID)

Possible Action: Contact Senior Rural Development Specialist (contact info in PID), contact the Netherlands embassy in China (Beijing) or contact the World Bank Liaisons at the Netherlands Embassy in Washington, DC.