Water Security & Services Consultant – Brazil

The World Bank is looking for a consultant to perform a study to improve water security and services in the Brazilian state of Paraíba. The study will support the State of Paraíba in preparing a strategic action plan to improve water security and access to water services. This will include development of an investment plan and recommendations for state policies, instruments and management models with regard to water resources management, water services regulation and provision in order to support sustainable, resilient and inclusive development.

The proposed study comprises the following set of activities (i) Recommendations for improving institutional framework and governance of the water sector in the State of Paraíba; (ii) Short-Medium Term Investment Plan for Water Security; and (iii) an Action Plan for improving overall performance of CAGEPA (the state water & sanitation company).

See full tender here: Water Security & Services Consultant – Brazil

Expression of Interest Deadline: 05 February 2015