Additional Financing Urban Water Sector Project – Burkina Faso

On May 28, 2009, the World Bank Group board of directors approved the Urban Water Sector Project for Burkina Faso. The overall objective of the project was to contribute to the achievement of the water and sanitation Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by increasing sustainable access to water and sanitation services in urban areas. This will be pursued by: (a) facilitating access to services through subsidized programs for constructing water service connections and public standpipes and on-site sanitation facilities; and (b) consolidating the achievements of the reform of the urban water supply sub-sector and strengthening capacities to deliver and manage services.

Recently, an additional financing effort of $80 million was requested.The proposed additional grant would help finance the costs associated with scaled-up activities to enhance the impact of a well-performing project. The proposal also includes a request to extend the closing date of the original project from June 30, 2015 to December 31,2018.

The accelerated pace of urbanization in the capital city requires a timely expansion of water infrastructure, without which the urban poor would be excluded from basic services. Addressing these challenges requires sustained and timely capital expenditures and specific pro-poor policies by ONEA for developing access and ensuring that services remain affordable. The proposed Additional Financing aims to complement efforts already underway by ONEA to increase water production capacity by expanding the spatial coverage of the distribution system (including transmission mains and associated water storage facilities and pumping stations). It will also help implement ONEA’s pro-poor policies to facilitate access to services through water connections and public standposts in peri-urban areas and to address the specific challenges of access to services in informal settlements.

The project description and project components, as stated in the Financing Agreement of Grant H4820 will be expanded to include the following additional parts for the city of Ouagadougou:
(a) Supply and installation of water transmission mains;
(b) Expansion of the water storage capacity and construction of water pumping stations; and
(c) Expansion of the secondary and tertiary water distribution networks, installation of
household connections and public standpipes, and supply of water connections kits; and
in addition, the description of Component 3 will be expanded to include the provision of support to develop technical studies on water supply and institutional development.

Project website

Document requesting additional financing.

Possible Action: Contact the project task team leader (contact info in the additional financing document), contact the Netherlands embassy in Mali (Bamako) or contact the World Bank Liaisons at the Netherlands Embassy in Washington, DC.