eC2: Zambia – Off-grid site identification and prioritization

Deadline: 30-Oct-2017 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.)

Objective: The proposed activity seeks to first develop new datasets that will enable the identification and prioritization of potential off-grid sites, and faster and more accurate market analysis for public and private stakeholders operating in Zambia. Datasets should include, for example, household locations and indicators on ability to pay, population density and proximity to the national grid, potential for productive uses of electricity and up-to-date data on national electricity grid transmission and distribution line locations. It is expected that these datasets then be used to narrow down geographic areas and priority villages that could be interesting markets for off-grid energy services.


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eC2: Bootcamp for Agribusiness Entrepreneurs in Zambia

Deadline: 23-Aug-2017 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.) rwandan farmers

The Zambia Agribusiness and Trade Project(ZATP) under the Zambian Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry (MCTI) is launching MarketConnect – an agribusiness entrepreneurship advisory and support service – in Zambia with support from infodev. infoDev ( is a global partnership program within the World Bank Group, which works at the intersection of innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship to create opportunities for inclusive growth and job creation.

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Improving the Organizational Structure and Staff Conditions of Service for Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company, Zambia

Deadline: 24-Feb-2017 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.)water

Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company (LWSC)is currently implementing a World Bank-assisted Lusaka Sanitation Project which aims to increase access to improved sanitation services and strengthening LWSC’s institutional capacity to deliver on its mandate. Within the context of the project, LWSC management has requested the Bank to support an urgent technical assistance (TA) activity aimed at reviewing LWSCs current organizational structure in order to inform important HR-related decisions that LWSC management and Board of Directors are considering as they embark on the process of transforming the utility. The objective of the TA is to review and advise on an improved and sustainable organizational structure and staff conditions of service for LWSC. The outputs from this activity will help inform critical decisions on maximizing staff productivity and performance, and reducing skyrocketing staff costs.

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eC2: ESMAP Tender: Energy Access Survey in Zambia

Deadline: 07-Dec-2016 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.)

The World Bank-ESMAP team with the Ministry of Energy (MoE), the Rural Electrification AfricaAuthority (REA), ZESCO LIMITED (ZESCO) and the Central Statistics Office (CSO) is launching the first Global Energy Access Household Surveys in access deficit countries so as to set a baseline to track progress towards Sustainable Energy for All (SE4All) goal and Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) number 7 on access to affordable, reliable and sustainable modern energy by 2030.

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eConsultant2: Baseline Perception Survey on Competition Policy in Zambia

Deadline: 24-May-2016 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.)

The World Bank Group (WBG) is providing support to strengthen the effectiveness of promotionalcompetition in Zambia. In line with this support, as well as ongoing support to the CCPC, the World Bank Group (WBG) intends to undertake a baseline perception survey on competition in Zambia. The survey is intended to set a baseline on the perceptions and understanding of competition law and policy by the business community (individual firms and business associations), government officials in charge of market regulation, civil society organizations (CSO), academia and consumers.

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eConsultant2: Feasibility Study to Develop a Sustainable Institutional Model for the Delivery of Training and Capacity Building to Commercial Water and Sanitation Utilities and other Service Providers in Zambia

Deadline: 14-Apr-2016 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.)

The objective of this assignment is to support the implementation of MLGHs National waterWater Supply and Sanitation Capacity Development Strategy through the assessment and evaluation of alternative institutional arrangements for delivering capacity development and training programs to promote the technical, management and leadership skills.

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eConsultant2:Consultancy service for analysis of off-grid solar market in Zambia and suitable market-based options for scale-up

Deadline:  23-Nov-2015 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.)

The objective of the assignment is to assess bottlenecks along the supply-chain that contribute to the lack of Lighting Africa-approved products available on local market, and document the main light-bulb-297489_640obstacles preventing large-scale commercialization of both solar-lanterns and SHS in Zambia, and recommend the most realistic market-based mechanism(s) that will lead to scaling up uptake of solar products through private sector investment. For the proposed option(s), the consultant should assess the required trial period and recommend way forward for a long-term sustainable program.

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eConsultant2: Let’s Work Zambia – Strengthening Value Chains for Jobs

As part of the wider Lets Work program in production__south_africa_2Zambia, which aims to support job creation in partnership with the private sector, the World Bank intends to contract a consultancy to carry out a series of jobs-focused value chain studies in Zambia. This program will be managed by the Lets Work Program through the Jobs CCSA. Lets Work is a global partnership dedicated to providing effective solutions to the jobs challenge by harnessing the private sectors role in creating more, better jobs that are inclusive.

Expression of Interest Deadline: 21-Sep-2015 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.)

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