eC2: Development of national approaches for assessment of hydromorphological status of Surface Water Bodies and of national methodology for identification and designation of Heavily Modified Water Bodies

Deadline: 12-Nov-2019 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.)RotterdamWaterPlein_klein

The assignment aims at filling the encountered gaps in terms of methodical base, qualitative and quantitative data for hydromorphological quality elements (HMQE), required for the assessment of the ecological status of surface water bodies (SWBs) and potential of Heavily Modified Water Bodies (HMWB) and Artificial Water Bodies (AWBs), in compliance with the WFD and most recent good practices and CIS guidance documents. The procedures are mandatory for achieving the objectives of Directive 2000/60/EC and the obligations of Bulgaria as a MS with respect to the EU water policy. The results have to provide the missing and further develop the existing methodical basis, which should regulate and guide the identification and designation of HMWBs & AWBs, the execution of further field works and monitoring programs, the interpretation of the results for HMQEs and the following assessment of the hydromorphological status of SWBs of category rivers, lakes and transitional waters as supporting the overall ecological status assessment.

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