eC2: Analytical and Advisory Services to the World Bank Group/ Seascape management arrangements in the Gulf of Fonseca under a Blue Economy Strategy in Central America.

Deadline: 31-May-2022 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.)

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The objective of this assignment is to provide assessments, recommendations and advise to the World Bank Group to carry out dialogue and knowledge sharing support to the SICA in the creation of a blue economy enabling environment in Central America. The deliverables will enable the World Bank to support regional and national capacities and identify investment needs to foster sustainability, contribute to job creation, and to boost value addition in the Central America region and the Gulf of Fonseca in particular.

orld Bank Group’s City Resilience Program (CRP) is seeking a firm with specialized experience in incorporating resilience to natural hazards and climate change into the transaction design for fully or partially privately financed construction or renovation of major infrastructure assets and development or redevelopment of land in urban areas.
CRP does not intend to create a new knowledge resource; the focus is on developing an operational product that makes best use of existing toolkits to provide an actual service to WBG task teams.

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