Challenges Without Borders: Confronting Crises Around the World | The Development Podcast

FEATURING: Axel Van Trotsenburg, the World Bank’s Managing Director of Operations / Honorable John Dabi, Deputy Commissioner of South Sudan Commission for Refugees Affairs / Fidel Saad, Save the Children Lebanon’s Food Security, Livelihoods and Social Protection Technical Advisor / Lara, a Ukrainian refugee.

Challenges Without Borders: Confronting Crises Around the World






Tell Me How: BigTech Mergers–Part 1: Is BigTech Buying out the Competition?

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In this first episode of three on BigTech mergers, we discuss the impact of BigTech mergers and acquisitions on the market and on consumers; how should competition authorities think about developments in these markets if they seek to support competition and innovation?

This podcast series is produced by Fernando Di Laudo and Jonathan Davidar. 

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