eC2: Multi-stakeholder platform for knowledge sharing on access solutions for innovative medicines

Deadline:  03-Aug-2017 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.) medical-appointment-doctor-healthcare-clinic-health-hospital-medicine[7]

The initial scope and purpose of the multi-stakeholder platform for knowledge sharing on access solutions for innovative medicines (henceforth, the Platform) will be to develop and share knowledge and tools for smarter decision making on access strategies for patented medicines for NCDs, through a collaborative approach. The Platform will leverage the pharmaceutical industry’s capacity for developing innovative access solutions and the World Banks role as a strategic long term partner for developing countries and its convening power, to create a reference policy and implementation framework and decision-making tools for maximizing reach of new treatments for populations that typically would not have access to patented medicines, ultimately driving uptake of voluntary access strategies in developing countries.

The Platforms work will be structured along four activities: Activity I: Catalog and evaluate existing medicines access programs. Activity II: Co-create new evidence for smarter decision making in the LMICs context, using a using modeling exercise in which “good practice” access strategies are developed for different types of medicines (hypothetical molecules) in different markets. Activity III: Develop a compendium of good practices for access strategies. Activity IV: Support dissemination and use of results

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