Five reasons why you should check out this procurement database

In today’s digital environment, while information can be free to access, it is also widely gppd_blog_imagedispersed, hard to find, and difficult to verify. According to Statista, as of 2019 there was an estimated 1.72 billion websites with varying levels of publicly accessible information. Searching for relevant, useful, and reliable information can become a frustrating mission, especially when related to public procurement.

It was based on this premise that the World Bank developed the Global Public Procurement Database (GPPD). The GPPD is a first of its kind knowledge product that convenes in a single platform data on different countries’ procurement laws, systems, and performances across the world.  Everyone from policy makers, procurement practitioners, government officials, NGOs, academics, members of the private sector, civil society and citizens have instant access to public procurement system information from 218 countries and independent territories. Having this data concentrated in a single publicly accessible location is one of many assets of the GPPD.

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