eC2: Agricultural Technology Solutions for IFC Clients in Vietnam

Deadline: 07-Nov-2019 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.)

As part of its efforts to build its leadership in providing access to Ag tech solutions to smallholder farmers that help improve their overall agricultural production practices and sustainability, the Ag Tech Vietnam project aims to: 1) develop and apply ag tech innovations in up to 3 crops in Vietnam to inform precise farming response resulting in reduced input use and costs; and 2) roll out a commercially viable model for at least 1,200 smallholder farmers usage of Ag Tech services and achieve scale.

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Can a Nation Build its Future if it Cannot Feed its Children? Five Policy Actions to Transform Crop and Livestock Farming in Mali

Article published on on December 9, 2016ml-can-a-nation-build-its-future-if-it-cannot-feed-its-children-five-policy-actions-to-transform-crop-and-livestock-farming-in-mali-780x439.jpg
  • Mali has one of the highest rates of acute malnutrition in West Africa.
  • With 40 million hectares of arable land, the largest irrigation capacity in the Sahelian region (560,000 hectares), and 300 days of sunshine a year, Mali should leverage the agricultural sector to roll back malnutrition and poverty.
  • New agricultural development policies would prepare the country for the foreseeable impacts of climate change on livestock and crop productivity.


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