Keeping score

When we think of scorecards, we think of football or other sports where we want to keep track of how our favorite players and teams are doing. We at the World Bank are also a team – a team battling a very tough opponent; in fact, two opponents: poverty and inequality. While this not a “game” by any means – the stakes are high as the lives and livelihoods of millions of people around the world are on the line – we also want to keep track of how we’re doing.As a former Country Director, and in my travels before and since, I’ve had the privilege of meeting many, many people whose lives have changed thanks to the support we’re lending to countries. There’s the farmer in Malawi who now has access to a rural road and can take his produce to market; the single mother in Bolivia who is making a living now thanks to her small sewing business; and the young girl in Myanmar that now has access to school and a brighter future. I’ve seen their faces, I’ve heard their stories first-hand, and I’ve witnessed the impact we make through our efforts.

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