eC2: Consultancy Services for Somali Electricity Supply Industry Institutional Design

Deadline: 17-Mar-2020 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time ā€“ Washington D.C.)

U.S. Electricity Output Rose 6.2% From A Year Earlier

a) Review available government legal, policy and strategy documents for the sector and undertake a detailed assessment of the performance of the electricity supply value chain.
b) Undertake an institutional and organizational review of the current ESI (public and private) institutional arrangements including skills audit and needs assessment.
c) Develop alternative options, clearly delineating the pros and cons, for the functional responsibilities and organizational structure of the ESI alongside the electricity value chain including generation, transmission and distribution functions, including the relations and transactions of the various entities in the ESI. The consultant shall recommend the optimal structure, clearly highlighting the rationale for the recommendation and the associated glide/transition phases as may be required.
d) Define the key responsibilities (value chains) for the management and operations of the ESI including policy and regulatory functions.

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  • SO – Somalia