eC2: ZAMBIA: Public-Private Partnership Viability Assessment for four Selected Airports

Deadline: 04-Jul-2019 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.)

The Government of the Republic of Zambia (GoZ) has received grant funding from the Zambia AirportGlobal Infrastructure Facility (GIF), administered by the World Bank, for the above-mentioned assessment.
The World Banks Transport Global Practise (Transport GP), on behalf of the GoZ, represented by the Ministry of Finance (MoF), the Public-Private Partnerships Department (PPPD), the Ministry of Transport & Communications (MTC) as well as Zambia Airports Corporation, Ltd. (ZACL), seeks to appoint a consulting firm to conduct an assessment, build the evidence case and support Government decision making with respect to the development and procurement via PPPs of a number of priority infrastructure investments in the countrys aviation sector.
The objective of GoZs PPP-drive in the aviation sector is to improve the level of service, increase efficiency and financial performance to maximize both the value of newly built airport infrastructure assets to potentially offset the financing costs as well as foster additional/new capital investments. GoZ included the following four Airports, Kenneth Kaunda International Airport at Lusaka, Harry Mwaanga Nkhumbula International Airport at Livingstone and the proposed expansion of the airports at Solwezi and Mfuwe, in the assessment.
Scope of Work
To respond to the Governments objective, the proposed consulting assignment shall encompass:
i) Demand and Market Assessment
ii) Airport Infrastructure Inventory and Investment Needs based on the results of the Demand/market Assessment
iii) Operational/Organisational, staffing and financial review, including benchmarking of airport operational and financial KPIs, of national airports company
iv) Review non-aeronautical revenue potential at the airports and on the available land adjacent to the airports
v) Development of potential PPP- and other options applicable to the assignment
vi) Market sounding against various PPP options considered feasible
vii) Institutional and Regulatory review to accommodate such potential PPPs, and
viii) Recommendations with an Implementation Roadmap and support requirements.

See full tender here: ZAMBIA Public-Private Partnership Viability Assessment for four Selected Airports

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