eC2: Tanzania Pharmaceutical Competitiveness Strategy and Action Plan

Deadline: 21-May-2019 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.)

The focus of this TOR is on the pharmaceuticals sector.
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1. Development of sector strategy and action plan
The focus of this contract is on phase II of the project: the development of a pharmaceutical sector strategy and action plan. While the contractor for this assignment is expected to suggest their own methodology for developing the pharmaceutical sector strategy and action plan, below is an indicative outline of some key stages and related outputs that are expected to be covered.

-Industry background. The assignment begins with analysis of the global pharmaceutical industry to understand industry size, key players, and trends using trade and other market data. In addition, this stage includes an assessment of Tanzania’s pharmaceutical sector competitiveness, including a definition of its main sub-sectors, products, and applications, understanding market size, key players, key development impact figures (such as employment and value chain impact) as well as trends shaping the industry.

-Market and industry attractiveness. Building on the industry assessment, the assignment will assess the competitiveness of the existing industry. In particular, it will include definition and analysis of the current segments in which the industry competes, as well as exploring potential new, viable strategic segments and related product opportunities. Projections and scenario analysis should be utilized to outline the potential evolution of the different identified pharmaceutical product segments, including key success factors for each viable strategic segment.

-Competitive benchmarking. The pharmaceutical sector in Tanzania should be benchmarked against relevant, external competitors to determine the sectors relative strength. The analysis should assess competitors cost structures and value chain performance. The analysis should outline competitiveness gaps and the actions required to close them.

-Strategic opportunities and key challenges. Building on the key strategic segments identified in the prior stages, the contractor should identify opportunities for growth in the manufacture and distribution by pharmaceutical firms in Tanzanian. The overall recommendations should outline both private initiatives and public reforms needed to grow existing segments and move into new ones.

-Action plan. Through public and private dialogue, an agenda for sectoral change will be agreed to, culminating in an achievable, sequenced action plan that will drive growth in investment, output and employment. Each recommendation should have lead roles identified, including both private and public sector actors. Where substantial private sector investment forms a core element of an initiative, which is highly probable, a high-level quantitative business case for it should form part of the action plan.

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