eC2: Master Agreement: ESMAP Open Data and Analytics

Deadline: 17-Oct-2018 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.)

ESMAP seeks to build on the initial success of ENERGYDATA (a data publishing platform esmapthat hosts energy data provided by the WBG and other development partners) to develop new apps to respond to existing and upcoming needs from our clients, the private sector, and key development partners, and also consolidate those apps already developed and provide a more standardized user experience. ESMAP proposes to issue a new Master Agreement contract covering the development of new apps, consolidation of existing apps, curation of new and existing datasets, user interface improvements and routine maintenance of the ENERGYDATA site and all its current and future subdomains.

This contract would not include the Global Solar Atlas or Global Wind Atlas, which are developed and maintained under separate projects, but would include efforts to make use of the data available and improve harmonization between ENERGYDATA and those websites.
The apps currently under consideration that may be included under the proposed Master Agreement contract include the following:
– Rooftop solar mapping visualization and analytics (building on the experience gained from a recent WB project in Vietnam:;
Renewable energy geospatial planning tool (based on the MapRE software developed by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory:;
– Visualization of global transmission and distribution lines and associated infrastructure (building on the existing Africa Electricity Grids Explorer tool:;
– Simplified solar and wind forecasting tool for electricity grid operators;
Regulatory Indicators for Sustainable Energy (RISE), based on the dataset presented on

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