eC2:Improving energy, water and chemicals use efficiency in the textile sector

Deadline: 26-Jul-2018 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.) waterkraan-nieuws-header

A local (South Africa) consulting firm is being sought who will undertake the following work:
1. Establish baselines and collect key performance indicators data on the water, energy and chemicals use and wastewater generated.
2. Design and propose a resource efficiency improvement program (energy, water and chemicals).
3. Prepare a financial plan for the resource efficiency program. The financial plan must explore different investment and business model options and describe which fits the best a selected client.
4. Assess the financial feasibility of implementing power generation projects such as solar photovoltaic, natural gas generators and combined heat and power system.

See full tender here:Improving energy, water and chemicals use efficiency in the textile sector

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Tender notification:# 1258444

Assignment Countries

  • ZA – South Africa


2 thoughts on “eC2:Improving energy, water and chemicals use efficiency in the textile sector

  1. I came across your post to late, after this deadline date.
    Ubuhle Towels is a green field textile project in South Africa, we will be manufacturing 1000 tons of knitted towels per annum, the factory is just about to be built, and machinery installed shortly there after. we will be using the most advanced technology available.
    Do you have any advise, as to ways to reduce energy, reuse effluent water, etc.


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