May 15-16: IFC Global Agribusiness Conference in The Netherlands

pexels-photo-264537.jpegIFC Global Agribusiness Conference, May 15-16 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

International Finance Corporation invites investors, private companies whose supply chains rely on smallholder farmers, organizations offering products and services, donors, and government officials to join its Global Agribusiness Conference.

The conference will focus on practical solutions to the challenges of building smallholder professionalism and closing yield gaps between commercial operations and smallholder farmers.


Helping smallholder farmers improve productivity and become part of global supply chains are essential for promoting food security and reducing poverty. Today, technology and innovative business models are making it possible for smallholder farmers to be part of value chains, whether as providers of agricultural commodities, buyers of farm inputs, or customers for financial products.

IFC’s first ever Global Agribusiness Conference will explore these solutions and more:

  • The business case and the development case for integrating smallholders into global supply chains
  • How can innovative financial instruments de-risk investments in smallholder supply chains?
  • How can new technology improve supply chain efficiency and transparency?
  • What are the costeffective ways to secure smallholder access to modern inputs?
  • State of the art approaches to understanding and improving livelihoods in smallholder supply chains?
  • How can climate smart agriculture practices be adopted more rapidly by smallholders?
  • What does it take to build the business professionalism of smallholder?
  • What does it take to build the business professionalism of smallholder aggregators at scale?
  • What are the disruptive technologies to watch for?

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