eC2: Central America – Outline Business Case for Six PPP projects

Deadline:  28-Nov-2017 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.)

in-edfreightcorridor3Objective: The consulting firm should develop six outlines of business cases for six different PPP projects in Central America. Preparation of Pre-feasibility study review shall consist of the following topics: a. Legal and institutional review; b. Technical review; c. Economic and commercial review; d. Social and environmental assessment; e. Review on types of PPP in infrastructure provision; f. Risks review; g. Review on the need of Government Support and/or Guarantee; and h. Review on outstanding issues that need to be solved.

See full tender here: #1252822 – Central America- Outline Business Case for Six PPP projects

EConsultant2 website:

Tender notification:  #1252822

Assignment Countries:

  • CR – Costa Rica
  • SV – El Salvador
  • NI – Nicaragua
  • PA – Panama

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