Success story: Ecofys supports World Bank Group to navigate the energy and climate transition

solar-wind (CC0) Pixabay-KenueoneOver the past 15 years, the World Bank Groups’ Community Development Carbon Fund (CDCF) has contributed to reducing over 4 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent and created community co-benefits aligned with sustainable development goals (SDGs) for approximately 17.5 million people. Ecofys, a Navigant company and headquartered in Utrecht, The Netherlands, has supported the Bank’s efforts and recently presented a retrospective that illustrates the impressive results of the World Bank Groups work.

In the project, Ecofys experts reviewed the Fund’s key achievements and identified the main lessons learned. On the path toward the operationalization of the Paris Agreement, these findings inform the discussions on further interlinking sustainable development co-benefits with greenhouse gas emission reductions. The work also serves to illustrate the close link between energy and climate change with a perspective on the SDGs.

Ecofys has a broad expertise across the entire spectrum of urban energy, energy systems and markets, energy and climate policies and strategies, and sustainable industries and services helped in securing assignments with the Bank, as did their long track record of cooperation.

For the past five years, Ecofys has supported the World Bank Group in mapping and analyzing the global development in carbon pricing. Together with the World Bank Group, Ecofys presents the data in the annual “State and Trends of Carbon Pricing” reports and the mid-year “Carbon Pricing Watch” updates – the authoritative reference points for carbon pricing information.

Other ongoing projects are further testimony to the diversity of topics and geographies in which the joint Ecofys and Navigant team assists the World Bank Group activities. In Egypt, the experts are currently investigating the market for local manufacturing of electric motors. In Turkey, the team is developing a marginal abatement cost curve (MACC), and in a project for the International Finance Corporation, Ecofys is looking into unlocking the potential of distributed generation from solar PV and efficient co-generation in Mexico.

Ecofys is part of Navigant’s energy practice and develops innovative solutions and strategies to support its clients (World Bank Group and other stakeholders) in navigating the energy transition and effectively responding to climate change. With 600 employees, the energy team has offices around the world and experience in developed and developing countries.

To learn more about Ecofys’ previous support to the World Bank Group or to discuss project ideas around renewable energy, power systems or carbon markets, feel free to get in touch with Ecofys.