eC2: Resilience Assessment: Batoka Gorge Hydroelectric Scheme in the Zambezi River Basin

Deadline:  20-Mar-2017 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.)light-bulb-297489_640

A detailed assessment of the effects of climate change and other performance risks such as upstream land-use changes and water abstractions, energy price fluctuations and development scenarios on the daily expected inflow for the Batoka Gorge HES is required to ensure robustness and identify risk mitigation measures. To this end, the consultancy will include: (i) an analysis that uses decision scaling techniques to examine if the technical design of the Batoka Gorge HES is robust to a range of expected changes due to climate change and other major socio-economic pressures. (ii) an investigation of the role of the Barotse Wetlands in attenuating the basins hydrological variability, including flows reaching the Batoka Gorge site; (iii) an examination of hydrological boundary conditions or trigger points for financial products that could be used to off-set hydrological risk; and (iv) related capacity building and training workshops.

See full tender here: Resilience Assessment- Batoka Gorge Hydroelectric Scheme in the Zambezi River Basin

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  • ZM – Zambia