eC2: Design Coupon/Voucher Scheme for reducing the rural electricity connection fees

Deadline: 15-Feb-2017 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.)coffeeuganda

The “Agence Sénégalaise dElectrification Rurale” (Senegalese Agency for Rural Electrification – ASER), established in 2000, is the autonomous governmental agency in charge of implementing all rural electrification programs in the country.
ASER is considering a proposal to buy down the connection fees for the households. Instead of asking the concessionaires to directly reduce the cost of connection (and ASER reimbursing that amount to the concessionaires), ASER will implement a coupon/voucher scheme, wherein households will receive coupon/voucher of certain cash values that they can use to pay for the connection fees.

See full tender here: design-coupon-voucher-scheme-for-reducing-the-rural-electricity-connection-fees

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