eC2: Experts for supporting implementation of the Procurement Framework

Deadline: 15-Dec-2016 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.)

In order to support clients in preparing the Procurement Strategy for Development for the i-love-procurement2Project (PPSDs), the World Bank intends to identify a global virtual pool of experts to scope and guide the Borrower for preparing the PPSD.
Consulting firms are invited to apply. Scoping and guidance of the experts will be sought by World Banks internal and external clients in the following areas:

1) Identifying the sources of information that will be used to carry out the different steps of the PPSD, and in particular the market analysis, the operational context, the supply positioning, and the procurement risk analysis;
2) Providing reference to existing market research or guidance in undertaking research of potential suppliers and price references for activities needed for the project development objectives;
3) Assisting in identifying procurement risks based on the data collected, PESTLE analysis, market research and past operations;
4) Sharing relevant international/regional experiences for finalizing the procurement arrangements suitable for the proposed project

More details about the Procurement Framework and the PPSD can be accessed at

See full tender here: roster-of-experts-for-supporting-implementation-of-the-world-bank-procurement-framework

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