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The World Bank Group project cycle takes years, influencing the proces requires a lot of patience; below a number of helpful tips:

  • Build a large network including all relevant stakeholders; local government project authority, (local) World Bank staff and offices, local business, and the Dutch embassies.
  • Follow projects and follow-up with (local) World Bank Staff on a regular basis.
  • Be patient and approach from a problem solving perspective within the country of execution.
  • Maintain regular contact with local and federal government agencies discussing future projects.
  • Visit the World Bank Group HQ in Washington, D.C. with concrete deliverables.
  • When in Washington, D.C. be sure to be up to date on the recent developments concerning prourement, structure and general news.


Questions about doing business with the World Bank Group? Contact the World Bank Liaisons at the Netherlands Embassy in Washington, DC.