“With electricity comes life” – lighting up Nairobi’s slums

The World Bank Group, through two Dutch-funded Trust Funds, is helping slums in Kenya getting connected to safe, reliable and affordable electricity.

With electricity, children can study at night, shops can operate into the evening, and hospitals can operate consistently. Through a community based approach, Kenya Power has gone from 5,000 customers in December 2014 to more than 150,000 customers in May 2015, just half a year later.

The project is made possible by two World Bank Group Trust Funds (for more on Trust Funds, click here): the global partnership on output-based aid (GPOBA) and the Energy Sector Management Assistance Program (ESMAP). Both Trust Funds are generously supported by the Government of the Netherlands. ESMAP is a global knowledge and technical assistance program that provides analytical and advisory services to low- and middle-income countries to increase their know-how and institutional capacity to achieve environmentally sustainable energy solutions for poverty reduction and economic growth.