Tender: Nigeria – Consultancy Services for Organizational Diagnosis of 9 Water Agencies

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Reference number: 3NUWSRP/QCBS/01/15

Country: Nigeria

Deadline: September 3, 2015

The consulting services (“the Services”) include in-depth and holistic diagnosis of the institutional and organizational framework, human resources system, financial management system, commercial services, infrastructure as well as operational and maintenance systems thereby identifying their key challenges and make recommendations for the changes to improve the Agencies. The services require critical diagnosis of the Legal, Regulatory and Institutional Framework, and an assessment of the Human Resources Systems, Commercial, Financial, Technical, Operational (operations and maintenance), and Management situation of the State Water Agencies.

The firms are expected to consult with all relevant stakeholders; and make recommendations of changes to the Legal and Institutional Framework and other essential interventions needed to strengthen the Agencies. The output of the assignment will include diagnostic reports to extended stakeholders including recommendations on the best suitable intervention for strengthening and repositioning the SWAs to better serve customers effectively and efficiently as well as becoming more commercially viable and sustainable.