Haiti – Sustainable Rural and Small Towns Water and Sanitation Project

Haiti has been provided with an IDA Grant by the World Bank Board of Directors. This grant, worth a total of $50 million, was awarded in March for the Sustainable Rural and Small Towns Water and Sanitation Project.

The proposed objectives of the Project are to: (i) increase access to improved water supply and sanitation in targeted rural areas and small towns in zones affected by cholera; (ii) strengthen the Recipient’s water and sanitation service delivery mechanism at the deconcentrated level; and (iii) improve the Recipient’s capacity to respond promptly and effectively to an Eligible Emergency.

This will be done through the following components:

  • Institutional Strengthening, Capacity Building and Project
    Management ($17.35m)
  • Water Supply and Sanitation ($31.65m)
  • Contingent Emergency Response ($1m)

More information about this project can be found on the project website or in the Project Appraisal Document (PAD), where you will also find the procurement information (from page 48 onward).