Zambia – Lusaka Sanitation Project

The Lusaka Sanitation Project for the Republic of Zambia was approved by the Board of Directors of the World Bank. This project, which will increase access to sanitation services in selected areas of Lusaka and strengthen the Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company’s (LWSC) capacity to manage sanitation services, involves a total of $68.5 million, of which $65 million is provided by the World Bank.

The project will have the following three components: 

  • Sewerage improvements ($40.5m);
  • On-site sanitation ($14m);
  • Institutional strengthening ($9m).

The objective of component 1 is to upgrade and expand sewerage systems in the Ngwerere and Manchinchi sewersheds. Collection system upgrading and expansion will be based on top priority investments as identified in the Lusaka Sanitation Master Plan by LWSC.

The objective of component 2 is to develop a comprehensive response to the on-site sanitation challenges facing Lusaka and support on-site sanitation services and systems in priority areas. This component will focus on priority peri-urban areas that will not be sewered in the medium- to long-term due to technical and financial considerations.

Component 3 will provide technical assistance (TA) to enhance LWSC’s capacity to implement the project, operate and maintain the facilities going forward, support the reforms needed to deliver sanitation services effectively and efficiently and to respond better to customer demand.

More information can be found on the project website, of in the Project Appraisal Document. Information related to procurement can be found from page 51 onwards.