India Bihar Kosi Basin Development Project

On August 6, the World Bank Board of Directors will be discussing the India Bihar Kosi Basin Development Project. This project is worth a total of $375 million, of which $250 million is provided by the World Bank, and $125 by the borrowing country.

The project development objective is to enhance resilience to floods and increase agricultural production and productivity in the targeted districts in the Kosi River Basin, and to improve the Government of Bihar’s capacity to respond promptly and effectively to an eligible crisis or emergency.
This is to be achieved through the following components:

  • Improving Flood Risk Management
    • Reinforcement of flood control infrastructure (US$95 million)
    • Support to strengthen institutional capacity to manage flood risk (US$5
  • Enhancing Agricultural Productivity and Competitiveness
    • Intensification and Diversification of Production Systems (US$24 million)
    • Strengthening of Agricultural Value Chains (US$15.0 million)
    • Institutional Development for Market-led Extension (US$12 million)
  • Augmenting connectivity
    • Construction of roads (US$80 million)
    • Institutional strengthening activities at Rural Works Department (US$3.0 million)
    • Construction of bridges (US$90 million)
  • Contingency Emergency Response
  • Implementation and Capacity Building support

You will find more information on the project website, where you will also find the Project Information Document.