Productivity growth threatened by COVID-19 disruptions

Productivity growth, a force that has contributed to lifting millions of people out of poverty in developing countries, will need substantial support from policymakers if it is to withstand the severe challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic’s economic shock. More in our latest study.

Related: Managing the massive health and economic challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic is the immediate priority. But as policymakers envision recovery and rebuilding, the task of rekindling productivity growth should be high on their to-do lists for regaining lost ground.

World’s poorest: The pandemic is still escalating but the pain it is causing in the lives of billions of people is especially evident in the world’s 74 poorest countries. Here are five ways we are helping those countries.

Gender inequality: The impacts of COVID-19 in fragility, conflict and violence are not gender neutral, and neither should be development interventions in these settings.

Zoonotic diseases: How can preventing zoonotic diseases help curb covid-19 and other infectious diseases? We speak with Franck Berthe, Senior Livestock Specialist in the World Bank’s Agriculture and Food Global Practice.

Morocco: June’s Morocco Economic Monitor (MEM), a semi-annual report from the World Bank economic team, has a spotlight on the country’s economic outlook in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the consecutive economic crisis it generated.

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