Procurement Training Webinars

The Private Sector Liaisons are proud to present the first of four World Bank procurement i-love-procurement2training webinars.

World Bank contract bidding process webinar provides information about the bidding process for projects tendered by the client countries of the World Bank Group. The presenter is Nancy Bikondo-Omosa Senior Procurement Specialist.

We encourage you to view the recording of the webinar here:

The second webinar will be led by another senior procurement specialist, this webinar will provide useful information about how a supplier could troubleshoot issues that sometimes occur during the project procurement and implementation process. We hope to publish this Webinar in the next couple of weeks. To give you an idea of what the other Webinars will be about please see below:

  • End January: contract bidding process
  • End February: troubleshooting procurement
  • End March: contract management
  • End April: handling of complaints