eC2: CGAP Women in social commerce in Myanmar, Bangladesh, and Pakistan: Personas, opportunities, and financial inclusion insights

Deadline: 14-Oct-2019 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.) woman

CGAP is exploring womens engagement in social commerce to understand potential implications for financial inclusion and to capture opportunities and build resilience. CGAP seeks a vendor to conceptualize and execute a blend of quantitative and qualitative research and data analysis in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Myanmar, focusing on women who engage in this phenomenon. The selected firm will identify and describe the distinct personas of those who buy, sell, and play other supporting functions in social commerce; prioritize a smaller group of personas according to CGAPs research agenda and hypotheses; and identify their motivations, needs, and behaviors and explore critical questions related to livelihoods and financial inclusion. The deliverables include a report, narrative and presentation on the personas and findings for each country as well as an overarching analysis, videos on the priority segments in each country, report on the role of financial services to meet women’s needs.

See full tender here: CGAP Women in social commerce in Myanmar, Bangladesh, and Pakistan- Personas, opportunities, and financial inclusion insights

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