eC2: Diagnostic study on marine litter prevention, especially relating to plastics, in coastal

Deadline: 01-Aug-2019 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.) eu-plastic-regels-2019

The World Bank is looking to recruit a consultancy firm to carry out a diagnostic study on marine pollution/plastic debris prevention in coastal Kenya. The consultancy has the following objectives:

(i) document the distribution of marine litter (plastic) on the coast and in the nearshore marine environment, and identify priority areas that are particularly affected; (ii) identify the ten marine litter/plastics that are most prevalent in and have the largest impact on Kenya’s coastal and marine environment, and identify their sources and pathways (plastic life cycle both upstream and downstream), both land- and ocean-based; (iii) assess the related policy framework; and (iv) review the social landscape by mapping stakeholders and identifying circular economy opportunities.
2) Develop a roadmap including actionable mitigation measures toward addressing marine litter and plastic pollution in coastal areas, based on the top 10 marine litter/plastic items identified, and by following the principles of Reducing, Reusing, Recycling (circular economy) and Regulating. This should include identifying possible infrastructure investments; developing mitigation measures that can be carried out by the local government, communities, and/or private sector; strengthening policy aspects; and identifying existing, affordable and sustainable alternatives to plastic items, including by engaging with coastal communities and other relevant stakeholders.

See full tender here: Diagnostic study on marine litter prevention, especially relating to plastics, in coastal Kenya

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Assignment Countries:

  • KE – Kenya