eC2: International Legal Consultant for Utility Scale Wind Power Project on a PPP Basis in Ethiopia

Deadline: 13-Jun-2019 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.)

Wind turbine farm

IFC’s Advisory Services in Public Private Partnerships (IFC Advisory) is in preliminary discussions to act as lead transaction advisor to Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) and the Ministry of Finance Public-Private Partnerships Directorate General (PPP-DG or Authority) to assist in the procurement of a utility scale wind power project in Ethiopia on a Public Private Partnership (PPP) basis and in the implementation of Round 2 of the Scaling Solar Program in Ethiopia.

Once IFC Advisory is mandated by EEP and PPP-DG, IFC Advisory will appoint an international law firm (Consultant) to provide legal support in relation to the Wind Project and to undertake the scope of work detailed in the terms of reference. IFC Advisory will separately select and contract an Ethiopian law firm (Local Counsel), but the Consultant will be required to supervise and incorporate the Local Counsel’s inputs as appropriate. The Consultant will oversee the work-product of the Local Counsel to ensure quality and will be responsible for managing the timing and manner of input from the Local Counsel.

The Consultant will be part of the IFC Advisory’s transaction team and will work under IFC Advisory coordination in collaboration with other IFC-hired consultants for the Project.

Scaling Solar

Since 2016, IFC has been supporting EEP and PPP-DG through the first round of the Scaling Solar Program in Ethiopia. The RFP for Round 1 (250 MW) of Scaling Solar was issued on 3 April 2019. Scaling Solar is an innovative World Bank Group packaged solution that aims to enable the rapid roll-out of utility-scale PV power plants across sub-Saharan Africa at locally competitive prices through a Public Private Partnership (PPP) transaction based on a coordinated, packaged, and largely standardized joint World Bank Group (WBG) solution (involving the World Bank, IFC, and MIGA). At the core of the initiative is a set of standard form documents (namely a Request for Qualifications, Request for Proposals, Power Purchase Agreement, Government Support Agreement and Direct Agreement) (Standard Documents) that represent a balanced risk allocation which should be acceptable to all major stakeholders (i.e. government, the power purchaser / grid operator, project sponsors and lenders). Further information about Scaling Solar can be found here:

There has been some adaptation of the Standard Documents to suit the context of Ethiopia and to reflect the outcome of discussions with EEP and the Authority during Round 1 (the Ethiopia Scaling Solar Documents).

Wind Project

The Consultant will be required to assist IFC Advisory in its support of the EEP and PPP-DG in relation to the Wind Project.

EEP and PPP-DG have requested that the risk allocation and approach utilized in Scaling Solar be replicated for the Wind Project. The Consultant will use the Ethiopia Scaling Solar Documents as the basis for the project documents for the Wind Project to the extent possible in order to preserve the risk allocation evidenced therein. The Consultant will amend the Ethiopia Scaling Solar Documents so that they are appropriate for use in the Wind Project and deviations are expected to be limited primarily to technical differences between solar and wind.

Scaling Solar Round 2

The EEP and PPP-DG have recently commenced with Round 2 of Scaling Solar in Ethiopia (Round 2 Solar Project) and the RFQ was issued on 16 April 2019 for up to 500 MW of projects. An amendment was issued on 4 May 2019 to increase the scope to up to 750 MW. The documentation developed for Round 1 of Scaling Solar in Ethiopia will be used for the Round 2 Solar Project.

The Consultant will assist IFC Advisory in supporting EEP and PPP-DG in identifying and selecting one or more private sponsor(s) to implement projects under Scaling Solar Round 2.

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