eC2: Design a disaster risk financing facility for NGOs

Deadline: 28-Feb-2019 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.) vn-communitybased-disasterrisk-780x439

To conduct an exploratory study to test and find ideas and structures for a financial mechanism that can help channel pre-arranged funds directly to front line humanitarian organizations. The purpose is not a feasibility study providing legal or technical advice.

Phase I – Inception, stakeholder mapping and Stocktaking
The design of the facility has to be driven by a bottom up process, combining local on the ground needs with global technical expertise, including from the World Bank, to ensure appropriate deployment of the right technical expertise, and to secure buy-in from the key stakeholders, helping to increase the chances of success of the design.
It is expected that this work will require an innovation management partner as part of a consortium to structure the design process and provide a framework and tools to facilitate consultations with key stakeholders.

Phase 2 Generate feasible options of the design of the disaster risk financing facility for operational NGOs
This project only covers the design of the disaster risk financing facility, not its operational setup. The key output of this project will be a clear outline for the facility and an implementation roadmap. In consultation with donors and other stakeholders a decision will be made in future on whether to take this forward as well as the potential capital and funding arrangements for the identified financial instruments.

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