eC2: State and Trends of Carbon Pricing Report 2019

Deadline: 28-Nov-2018 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.)

(i)S&T19: The 2019 report will focus on providing an updated overview of existing and indexemerging carbon pricing initiatives around the world including national, sub-national and corporate activities, emissions trading systems, carbon taxes, and crediting mechanisms Building on the efforts made in 2018, it will include a discussion on the carbon pricing trends. It will also address the feedback received last year and focus on developing clearer lessons learned from the various carbon pricing initiatives and from various publications (including WBG ones), improved infographics featuring key facts and numbers. In addition, it will feature a section on the various ways to price carbon, including through implicit and negative carbon pricing policies. Finally, the report will continue to complete the online dashboard that was launched in 2017, and which allows for direct access to this data and more regular updates. This report is expected to have approximately about 50 pages.

(ii) Monitoring of Carbon Pricing initiatives and regular updates. In addition to the report, the consulting firm is expected to regularly share updates on the carbon pricing initiatives around the world with the team, progressively integrate the team in this monitoring efforts, provide relevant content for the website, update the existing database and explore the possibility of using new sources of data.

(iii) Continuous monitoring and quantitative data updates of the eight Chinese ETS pilots. In addition to data updates for the website, the consulting firm is expected to provide data on the emission allowances and CCER credits of the Chinese ETs pilots and integrate them in the main report


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